Automatic Payments

Granite City Real Estate is please to offer all residents an automatic rent payment plan - GCRE AutoPay!

GCRE AutoPay is dependable, flexible, convenient and easy. You can have your rent payments made automatically from your checking or savings account. No more rent checks to write - no lost or stolen checks, or delays in the mail!

Automatic Rent Payments

Make all your rent payments on time, without worry. By your authorization, your rent payment will be paid automatically from your checking or savings account, between the first and 5th day of each month. Service can be terminated at any time, with a 15 day written notice to Granite City Real Estate or your bank.

Save Time and Money

Don’t worry about postage, envelopes, checks or delivering your rent check ever again. Your rent payment will be electronically delivered by your bank each and every month.


Your rent is paid on time each month. No late charges or NSF fees, unless funds are not available in your account when the automatic payment is scheduled to transfer.

Sign up Today!

To sign up for GCRE AutoPay, simply print and complete the authorization form (PDF). Mail or deliver the form, along with a “voided” check for your checking account. (Attach a deposit slip for AutoPay transfers from your savings account.) Your authorization allows Granite City Real Estate to automatically receive your monthly rents, including any garage fees, storage unit fees or other charges in your current lease. Your authorization will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to cancel the AutoPay authorization. If an AutoPay draft is rejected by your bank, you will be charged a returned payment fee of $30.00, and the late fee noted in your lease until we receive acceptable payment.

Print Authorization Form (PDF)

View Privacy and Security Statement

Termination of ACH AutoPay Program Form (PDF)