11-17-2020 Update

Dear Customers,

We hope you and your families are doing well. COVID-19 continues to have a tight grip on the world and the recent surge in cases across the United States has led our organization to once again take the necessary actions to hopefully help slow down the spread of the virus.

Our team continues to work hard while exercising sound judgement and adhering to the recommended isolation practices. Depending upon a particular person’s position; our team members are either working remotely or following social distancing best practices in our corporate or property offices.  

Until further notice, please be aware of the COVID-19 policies, procedures, and best practices that our organization is following:

  • Our corporate office and on-site management offices are closed to walk-in visits. Contact us at 320-253-0003 or visit to pay rent, submit service requests and contact property management for any needs.
  • Non-emergency maintenance requests will be serviced only if Granite City Real Estate can verify that our Maintenance Technician will not be exposed to a person with known COVID-19 exposure and adequate social distancing can be maintained at all times while the repair need is being addressed. If at any time our employee believes that situation could place them at risk, they have the full discretion to discontinue the service.
  • For your safety, the safety of your guests and the health of the entire apartment community, we request you limit the number of guests/visitors to your apartment. Also, Minnesota Executive Order 20-96 prohibits all social gatherings of 10 or more people and all gatherings of 3 or more households.                                                                          
  • All common amenity spaces are closed until further notice in an effort to support social distancing. This includes on-site fitness centers, community rooms, and any other public gathering areas.
  • We have suspended in-person apartment leasing tours and implemented a procedure to handle this service remotely. For leasing inquiries, please contact us via phone, email, or at   We can provide you with current pricing, availability and virtual tours. Self-guided tours may be an option in select situations. Our entire leasing process can be completed online. 

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and support as we navigate through the reopening stages. We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Household Funding Resources

During the COVID-19 crisis, resources that may be available for households impacted by the crisis are critical. The Family Housing Fund (FHF) has compiled a list of resources that will be helpful in navigating the various financial opportunities available for those in need. FHF has stated that they intend to continue to update the resource page to provide the most current and useful information. 


FAQ – Apartment Communities

The Leasing Office is closed. Can I still rent an apartment? 

We closed our corporate office and on-site management offices to walk-in visits and provided our employees with capabilities to work remotely. This measure has been taken to do our part with social distancing practices to protect our team and help stop the spread of COVID-19.  We assure you that this is a temporary measure, and that our team is fully connected remotely to assist you with any need you may have. 

For leasing needs, please contact us via phone, email, or at   We can provide you with current pricing, availability and property images. Your entire leasing process can be completed online. 

Why are all of the amenity spaces closed? 

For the health and well-being for everyone that resides within your property, the shared amenity spaces have been closed until further notice.

Will my rent be reduced due to loss of amenities?

Our amenities are a feature of this community that are offered to our residents free of charge and are not included in rental payments. Accordingly, we will not be adjusting rents during this period of closure.

We did not take this step lightly, and it is at the recommendation of health officials in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic. We appreciate your understanding as we all work through this challenging time with a global effort.  

What if I am expecting a package to be delivered?

Properties with on-site management have been instructed to not accept resident packages for in-person pick up.  We are directing delivery drivers to deliver resident packages directly to resident doors.  We encourage you to specify this on shipping instructions, or to contact your delivery service and arrange for your package to be held for pick up directly from the carrier. 

What if I have a Maintenance Request?

We continue to adjust our daily operations as new information and directives are provided by health officials and the government.  Currently all of our service teams are operating on an emergency response only basis.  A maintenance emergency is constituted as: fire, flooding, biohazard, no heat, non-operational refrigerator/freezer, non-operational oven/stove, or a non-operational toilet – If you have only one bathroom available in your apartment home.  If you have a service request that is defined as an emergency as described in the above list, please contact Granite City Real Estate at 320-253-0003.

If you have a service request that is NOT an emergency, please submit your request at  We will log your request and prioritize it accordingly for future completion.  We appreciate your patience and understanding on service completion delays.  

During this period, when our Service Technicians enter your home to complete an emergency repair, we ask that any residents present within the home confine themselves to a separate room in support of the CDC’s recommendation on social distancing.  

If a Service Technician responds to a request that is not an emergency and based on false information that was knowingly provided, they will immediately leave the location and all costs associated with the trip will be the direct responsibility of the resident that placed the service request.

Are you making exceptions to rent payment for hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand that COVID-19 is disruptive and can impact an individual’s ability to meet financial obligations. It is also our understanding that the federal and state governments are assessing what type of financial support they can provide individuals to aid with this potential hardship.

To date, all terms, conditions and fees included in the lease contract are in full effect. We will continue monitor communication provided by the federal, state and local governing bodies. If any modifications related to fees and collection matters are implemented, we will communicate the changes immediately.

Do I need to notify my Community Team if I’ve decided to self-quarantine?  What if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19?

We do request that you notify us of any self-quarantine or positive COVID-19 diagnosis by self-reporting and referencing COVID-19 in the subject line. We will treat all reports with confidentially except as required by federal, state, or local law.  

Will vendors still be coming to my property?

In support of the CDC’s recommendations on social distancing, we have implemented measures to reduce the number of on-site vendors present within our communities.  Granite City Real Estate vendors will not be entering occupied apartment homes for non-emergency service repairs.    At this time, there will be no interruption to standard outsourced services such as trash removal, grounds maintenance, or other routine services provided.  

What steps is my community team taking to ensure my common areas are being disinfected?

Our teams recognize the importance of maintaining an increased level of attention on high traffic areas throughout our communities.  We have and will continue to focus increased attention on sanitizing door handles, points of entry, laundry rooms, and other routinely trafficked areas throughout the community. This practice will remain in place provided shelter-in-place regulations are enacted by federal, state or local law.

What do I do if I am having trouble with my on-line account?

Please contact our office at 320-253-0003, or at

What if I need to delay my move out date?

We certainly understand, and anticipate some changes to moving and relocation plans.  Please contact us at 320-253-0003, or at if this situation arises.

Will the outdoor pool or other amenities open this year?

We have full intention of restoring our amenity services and will do so in accordance with CDC recommendations.

Are you going to inform neighboring residents if there are any confirmed cases on my property?

Granite City Real Estate is complying with Federal and State laws as well as the CDC’s guidelines regarding Covid-19 confirmed cases, and will continue to do so.  Any questions related to these guidelines and procedures can be found at:  

With everyone staying home, what do I do if I have a noise complaint?

This is a difficult and inconvenient time for individuals on a global basis.  We ask for increased patience and understanding especially in a multi-housing setting.  We also ask that all residents continue to abide by the lease terms regarding noise, and request affected residents to follow normal reporting procedures.

We hope to not experience any problems, but if they do occur, we will track the lease infractions and take the corrective actions allowed within the lease.

If I am moving out, will you walk through the apartment with me?

Because our teams have implemented social distancing measures, we will not be completing move out walk through appointments with residents.  We ask that you complete your move out and cleaning, secure your apartment contact us via email or phone for instructions for a convenient return of keys and any other move out items.  We will independently conduct the final inspection and contact you with results.